Emmanuel’s COVID Information

Emmanuel’s Current COVID Phase:YELLOW

Emmanuel’s COVID Task Force Committee has decided that it is essential that members and friends of Emmanuel continue to take precautions necessary to reduce your potential exposure to COVID – 19 and curb the spread of the virus.

Below, please find a chart and Tarrant County data to see where we are in the reopening plan.  We consult Tarrant County Health Dept. reports and CDC recommendations for determining when we are able to reopen in phases. We have discussed small group gatherings inside and outside the church and large group gatherings outside the church and have developed guidelines for such gatherings. Please continue to practice mask wearing, social distancing, and hand sanitizing. Due to the successful vaccination campaign and survey, we are able to determine more clearly safe levels of activities inside and outside the church. The phases below have been modified to accommodate the latest information of percentages of vaccinated people in the congregation.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Church ResponseRed PhaseOrange PhaseYellow PhaseGreen Phase
BuildingClosed to all gatheringsClosed to all gatheringsOpen to small gatheringsOpen to all gatherings
Small gatherings (<10)Online onlyOutdoors / Online OnlyIndoors allowed in large areasIndoors allowed
Large Gatherings (>10)Online onlyOutdoors / Online OnlyOutdoors / OnlineIndoors allowed
WorshipOnline onlyOnline / Parking LotOnline / Parking Lot / SanctuaryIn-person / Online
RestroomsClosedLimitedOpen, cleaning after each useOpen
ChildcareNone providedNone providedNone providedProvided as needed
StaffLimited Staff onsiteLimited Staff onsiteStaff onsiteStaff onsite as usual
Face masksRequiredRequiredRequiredTo be determined
Memorial ServicesNoneNoneCase-by-case basisSchedule as usual
WeddingsNoneNoneCase-by-case basisSchedule as usual
Outside GroupsNo outside groupsOutdoors onlyCase-by-case basisSchedule as usual

Tarrant County COVID criteria:

Tarrant County Determining FactorsRed PhaseOrange PhaseYellow PhaseGreen Phase
7-day average # of active cases in Tarrant County>9300 active cases<9300 active cases<5400 active cases<950 active cases
7-day average # of hospitalizations in DFW>1700 hospital beds<1700 hospital beds<1150 hospital beds<475 hospital beds
7-day average % of otherwise available DFW hospital beds taken by COVID patients>41%<41%<28%<8%
7-day average % of otherwise available DFW ICU beds taken by COVID patients>63%<63%<47%<22%
7-day average of new cases per day in Tarrant County>500 new cases<500 new cases<320 new cases<60 new cases
7-day average of confirmed COVID deaths per day*>4.5 deaths per day<4.5 deaths per day<3.0 deaths per day<2.0 deaths per day

Recent Tarrant County Data:

(as of May 12, 2021)